How to ride a bicycle in Japan

How to ride a bicycle in Japan


Hello everybody its Fabian Quentin from hayasaka cycle.
English support available is now in Sendai chuo shop. When your cycling
in Japan, there are some rules and regulations that cyclist from other countries may not be aware of.

Bicycles must be registered with the local authorities. Simply complete a form, and the store staff will provide you with a small sticker to place to the frame. If you just acquired a bike, it has to be registered in case it gets stolen or “borrowed”. If it’s bought online or secondhand head down the police station to register it.

Since Bicycles insurance is mandatory in Japan. If you do not have insurance and you hit someone or scratch a car, you could be liable for damages.

Be careful: Foreign residents and tourists must always have a passport or identity card issued by the Japanese government. The police can do to stop and check the ownership. Moreover, it’s a legal necessity for non-Japanese to have these documents at all times, so don’t get caught without them.

Rule to ride a bicycle in Japan:

– Ride on designated trails. (Many Japanese cycle on the sidewalks (I am talking from personal experience) and with that, dangerously fast.). Please don’t do this.
– Always ride in the direction of traffic.

– Don’t hold an umbrella while ridding. Japanese people like umbrellas, they ride bikes with one hand holding up an umbrella with the other. Otherwise, ponchos or raincoat are a great alternative.

– Wearing a helmet. Riders need to wear helmets.
– No bicycle on the train. For the Pliable bike you need a bag if you want to take trains.
– No drunk cycling. If your drink doesn’t ride.
– No cycling Side by side.

– No riding Double.

Have a good ride, see you soon!!!!


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