Winter is coming, so what kind or bycicle can I use ?

Winter is coming, so what kind or bycicle can I use ?


Hello how are you ? It’s Fabian Quentin from Hayasaka Cycle !!!

Winter is coming and you want to ride a
bicycle ?
Biking in the winter is something many cyclists struggle with, especially on the cold, rough terrain. In the summertime, it seems like everybody in the whole world rides a bike but once the winter comes around, many cyclists get scared off. 

You need in a fist time a fate tires biking. Besides the tires themselves, the frame of fat tire bikes are where they show the most differences. For example, fat tire bikes do not have any suspension forks and rely solely on the tires for suspension during your ride.
Wintery terrain is an easy task for fat tire bikes. Even if the terrain isn’t snowy, fat tire bikes grip much better to ice than regular mountain bikes.
Now, those that need to commute to work in snowy cities like Sendai are starting to use fat tire bikes for a little extra safety !!!

Winter step by step :
– Mudguards – this can not be stressed enough for winter cycling. It is best when they are “full size”, covering most of the wheels, this minimizing the amount of splashing.
– Lubricated bearings – During the winter it is good to re-lubricate brake and derailleur pivots and to regularly lube the chain.
– Disc brakes are good for hilly areas – rims can get frozen with ice preventing rim brakes from working properly, but for flat lands, rim brakes are OK.
– Of course, snow tyres with studs.
– Good and secure light. Along with reflective (“hi-vis”) strips on the frame and wheels – for better visibility. Short winter days mean more riding in the dark.
– Most bearings will be fit for cleaning and re-greasing.
You can customize you’re tires with a spikes tire or stainless tires.
For the 26 inch the Marathon tire 365 it’s a new model it’s possible to use with a 26inch and with a 27inch

I advise a few types for winter :
– The first one : the mountain bike, with 26-inch wheels.
– For the mamachari type it’s will be the grouss (from maruishi) 26-inch wheels with front basket and rear carrier.
– Fate bike, they are a good choice but a little bit slow in uphill’s.
– And the last choice if you want a small tire 20-inch wheels you have two good bicycles : the Vegas from bridgestone (it’s a mamachari type) and the second from Tern : The Amp f1 with disc brake and a bmx handle type (cross bike type).

For the tires :
– From loose snow to icy freeze-thaw and everything in between, Wrathchild craves the best and worst winter conditions.

  • XL Concave Studs
  • Deep lugs provide accelerating, braking, and cornering traction
  • Open tread pattern sheds snow
  • We design 45NRTH tires for extreme winter cycling applications. We do not recommend this product be used with power assist bikes as the additional torque and system weight can lead to pre-mature casing wear and stud loss.
    Shwalbe tubless tires :
    Tubeless tires provide clear advantages in speed, comfort, grip and puncture protection. They avoid unnecessary friction between tire and tube, which significantly reduces the rolling resistance, far below that of folding tires or tubulars.
  • Tubeless tires can be used with a lower inflation pressure without compromising performance. That brings clear advantages in comfort as well as more control in critical situations and poor road/trail conditions. At the same time, tubeless systems provide a high puncture protection. The danger of blowouts is clearly reduced. A sudden loss of air pressure by burst tubes or valve tear off is no longer a worry. What is more, tubeless systems function perfectly together with puncture protection liquids. Punctures are
    re-sealed within milliseconds.

    Marathon Winter plus :

    For a safe journeyYou have full control on icy roads with the Marathon Winter Plus. Even in tight bends and under violent braking everything remains under control, thanks to special Winter compound, lamella tread and up to 240 spikes. For best possible puncture protection it comes with a SmartGuard layer. Schwalbe Protection Level 7.

last advises:
– Use a bicycle cover: the cover securely fastened to the bottom of your bike.
– A reflector helmet is a type of bike light that reflects other lights on the road to make it work. Any lights that fall on the reflector or any light of the vehicle that came across the bike’s path can make the reflector works.

Stay safe by understanding Japan’s cycling laws and rules :
– Ride on designated paths.
– Ride in the direction of traffic.
– Keep left
– No holding of an umbrella while riding
– No using of electronics while riding
– No cycling side by side
– No riding double
– Register your bicycle

Have an happy ride winter with Hayasaka cycle !!!!


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