The Tern Bicycles

The Tern Bicycles


Hello, it’s Fabian Quentin from Hayasaka Cycle (Sendai Chuo). Today I introduce the Tern company.

The name Tern was inspired by the small, lightweight bird of the same name that holds the world record for the longest migration. Using this inspiration, Tern Cycles creates small, lightweight bikes that can take you around the world. The relatively young company was founded in 2010 by a collection of cycle enthusiasts from Los Angeles, California. They wanted to create a brand that promotes cycling as a healthier, greener mode of transport and encourages more people to take up the sport.
Now the headquarter of Tern are localized in Taiwan.

How to choose a Tern bike?

  • Tern has a wide range of bicycles for all riding styles, including electric, urban, town, and touring bikes. You can choose a bike based on any specific needs you have such as speed, portability, electrical assistance, and cargo transport.
  • For those that need a bit of extra speed, Tern offers bikes with large 27.5″ or 700c wheels, while those that need a portable bike can choose one with smaller 20″ or 24″ wheels. Tern’s GSD range of cargo bikes is ideal for retail deliveries or families with children.

Compact and elecrtic Bicycles :

For the deliveries, The short Haul (little big man):
It’s a compact bicycle and very usual for the deliveries. With two discs break, a 8 speed shimano, and a alloy frame it’s a very light one around 15kgr. You can customize with a front basket and rear basket.

The Short Hall – white color – and matt black –

The HSD P9 (the Useful):
Tern’s HSD range of compact electric bicycles is perfect for commuting around town or enjoying weekend rides in the countryside. They include a small rear rack big enough for a single child seat, basket, or pannier bags for long deliveries it’s a perfect electric bike.
Strong point: Rear rack can customize child seat or big basket. The front basket it’s an option too.
Less point: the weight, around 26kg.

The pliable bicycles:
Easily slip it into a cupboard, suitcase, or under the bed for easy storage and quickly fold it up to take on any train, bus, or vehicle. The pliables bicycles are very useful for going to the work or to travel inside the country.

The Link A7 (the Urbanite):
The Link folds down small for hassle-free storage and security and offers a stable, comfortable ride. Ride the whole way or pop your Link onto the bus or subway either way, your Link is fast and friction-free.
e Link bikes uses a traditional single-hinge, straight bar frame for quick and easy folding and storage. They have 20″ wheels and 7-speed Shimano Claris drivetrains, making them compact and efficient for urban cycling.
Another rank: D8, C8, B7
The weight: Aluminum frame 12kg
The price: 65,780 yen

The Link A7 (Urbanite) – Blue color –

The Verge N8 (the speedstar)
Tern’s Verge range of folding bikes are a careful mix of speed and portability, mixing 22″ wheels with a single-hinge folding frame. Verge bikes make it easier to access public transport or store indoors without sacrificing comfort and efficiency.
8 Speed shimano clariss, aluminum frames.
Adjusts to fit a wide range of rider heights with a spacious cockpit and an adjustable seatpost and stem.
Price: 126,500 yen
Customize: front basket.

Verge N8 The Speedstar – Black and white color –

Another rank the Verge x11, s81, p10, d9.

Option and accessory:
To spruce up your Tern folding bike you can choose from a range of Tern-specific add-ons and cycling gear. Select a variety of seating options and footrests, rear racks, front baskets, pannier bags, and storage packs. 

All of these bicycles are available in Hayasaka cycle. For more fun please be careful with the rules of road in Japan.
Have a nice day and good ride!!!


  • 住所:仙台市青葉区中央2丁目4-6
  • TEL:022-398-8195
  • FAX:022-217-8195
  • 営業時間:11:00~20:00
  • 定休日:第1火曜日 (祝日の場合翌日休み)